Anglican Youth Ministries Foundation

The Anglican Youth Ministries Foundation (AYM Foundation) seeks to support the life-giving work of Anglican Parishes in creating supportive and exciting environments for children to grow their knowledge and love of God, in their transforming roles and in the development of youth leadership.

AYM Foundation offers up to $1,000 to Parish projects which engage with children and their families through Godly Play, music, playgroup formation, parenting programs, youth and children’s events, community focused activities and other Parish inspired mission areas are encouraged.

AYM Foundation was established in 1996 for the following purposes:

  • to promote unity between people of all ages within the Anglican communion;
  • to promote a community within the Anglican church in which young people can explore and develop their relationship with God and with each other;
  • to empower young people to pursue their spirituality throughout life;
  • to enthuse, empower and encourage young people to actively participate in all aspects of church life;
  • to have young people contribute to the decision-making processes of the Anglican church;
  • to communicate that young people are essential to the transforming role and presence of the church as a pro-active and inter-dependent community;
  • to encourage and facilitate Christian education and youth leadership;
  • to raise funds to further the objects of the Foundation set out above.

AYM Foundation can be contacted care of:
The Secretary
AYM Foundation
GPO Box W2067
Perth WA 6846
Or via email


Girls Friendly Society Inc. (GFS) is an Anglican Ministry within the Anglican Church which seeks to minister children, youth and their families. Since the 1880’s GFS has been at the forefront of ministering to young women and girls.

GFS provide ministry to children, teens and their families through:

  • Traditional girl’s only GFS Branches
  • KidsPlus+ Groups for both girls and boy’s
  • TeenLinkx for children aged 12 and up 

Western Australian Anglican Schools Association (WAASA)

The Western Australian Anglican Schools Association (WAASA) comprises Anglican schools (both systemic and autonomous) and other appropriate bodies throughout Western Australia.

For over 150 years Anglican schools in Western Australia have been centers of excellence in teaching and learning, pastoral care, worship and service. 

Anglican schools provide young people with opportunities to develop an understanding of the beliefs and practices of the Anglican Church through religious education programs, worship, and community service programs.

From long established single-sex to co-educational schools, day and boarding, at various tuition fee accessibility ranges, Anglican education is one of the largest groupings of non-government schools in Western Australia.

Anglican Schools Commission

The Diocese of Perth established the Anglican Schools Commission in 1985 to provide Anglican families, and others, with ready access to affordable Christian education in the Anglican tradition.

ASC recognised that existing independent Anglican schools, while offering excellent education and fine facilities, were beyond the reach of most people.

The co-educational, low-fee Anglican day schools are socio-economically comprehensive, overtly Christian in emphasis and accessible to the disadvantaged and children with disabilities.

Wollaston Conference Centre

Wollaston Conference Centre offers a ministry of hospitality to groups and organisations seeking a modern, well-equipped venue for conferences or continuing education and training.

Splendid catering is available, along with necessary facilities, all readily accessible, as well as parking on the edge of the beautiful Bold Park.

Swan Valley Adventure Centre

Established in 1868, the Swan Valley Adventure Centre has its roots in nurturing education – an education that is ideally balanced. The unique 89 acres of stunning Swan Valley wilderness lay the foundation for healthy outdoor activities, and perfectly compliment the structured classroom and conference environments.

Swan Valley Adventure Centre is rapidly becoming one of the most popular destinations for schools, church, sporting groups or family gatherings seeking an affordable and fun environment in the Perth metropolitan area.