ACYM Commission

The vision and direction of ACYM is overseen by a Commission consisting of people currently serving or experienced in parish-based children’s and youth ministry, related ministries and school chaplaincy.

The ACYM Commission meets monthly at the Wollaston Theological College.

The chair is The Most Reverend Kay Goldsworthy A.O. 

The commissioners are:
Ms Julie Ward (Secretary)
The Reverend Dr Gregory Seach (ex officio)
Ms Rachael Kelly
Mr Chris Oliver
The Reverend Linda Pilton
The Reverend Nicholas Russell
The Reverend Michael Stuart

As a standing commission of Synod, the ACYM Commission is established to:

  • encourage the development of vital worshipping communities where children and young people are integral to the life of the community of believers
  • assist schools, agencies, vital worshipping communities and individuals to introduce children and young people to Jesus, to nurture their relationship with Jesus and to encourage them towards maturity in their faith
  • unify, communicate and deliver children’s and youth ministry in the Diocese of Perth through the Anglican Youth and Children’s Activity Network (AYCAN) family of ministries and offer ministry to Anglican schools
  • work towards implementing objectives identified in any diocesan strategic plans in place from time to time.