What We Do

Education and Training

ACYM aims to equip those involved in children and youth ministry with training and education opportunities. At the beginning of this year we hosted our Training Roadshow where we visited 4 locations in the metropolitan area to run training evenings. Two sessions were run at each of the evenings; Growing Young People and Building Family Connections. The Wollaston Certificate in Theology now offers and elective unit in 'Youth Ministry' which is run by Mark Davis. 


Faith Formation Pathways

We are dedicated to ensuring life-long faith formation is a part of our children and youth ministry and in order to do so we plan to focus on the development of targeted resources, events, experiences, education and training with the aim of guiding young people in their transitions between faith formation pathways.



We currently have an online resource library available through Libib, which allows you to borrow hard copy books at no cost. There are various books to borrow for everyone including children, teenagers, young adults, parents, couples, youth leaders, Sunday school teachers, and many more! A Libib App is available for both Apple and Android users so you can borrow books on the go. Fill out our Libib sign up form online to create an account and start borrowing books. 



In April this year we held our first family worship service 'New Life! New Hope!', which was hosted by St John's Anglican Church Fremantle. Our next family worship service 'Celebrating God's Creation' is being held in partnership with the Anglican EcoCare Commission, at Wollaston Theological College, September 1 2018. If you would like to know more information or to register please visit the events page


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