What We Do

Education and Training

ACYM aims to equip those involved in children and youth ministry with training and education opportunities.

The Wollaston Certificate in Theology offers and elective unit in 'Youth Ministry', in this new unit, coordinated by Mark Davis, you will experience high quality, practical training blending elements from missiology, practical theology, and youth work. Topics include “What is Youth Ministry?” “Models of Youth Ministry (Community Builder, Advocate or Flawed hero) and “Starting Right to Finish Well.” Please visit The Wollaston Certificate in Theology page for more information about the Certificate and the Youth Ministry elective unit.

At the beginning of this year we hosted a Training Roadshow, where the ACYM staff visited 4 locations in the metropolitan area to run training evenings. Two sessions were held at each of the evenings; Growing Young People and Building Family Connections.


In the summer of 2019, ACYM is launching an exciting new apprenticeship program called pre-Form. Imagine a learning environment where a person’s creativity is encouraged, where they have the opportunity to learn alongside others and where their knowledge of the Bible, mission and leadership is grown.

What is pre-form?
pre-Form is structured around two components knowledge and reflective practice.

Each week the apprentices will gather together at Wollaston Theological College for a day of teaching from both seasoned practitioners who are already living it out and Wollaston Staff who are some of the best Theological thinkers in WA!

At another point in the week, the apprentices will meet for what we call huddle time. During this space, apprentices will meet with each other in a facilitated session and reflect on what they have heard and work out how they would apply it to their placement.

The rest of the week will be used for study, placement and of course some time included for preparation!

Is there a cost?
We would ask each Apprentice to contribute $5000 towards the year, this covers their teaching days, lunch and morning tea’s, supervision session and a few other things!

Inspire is a new and innovative leadership and discipleship program that ACYM has been developing to use in partnership with our Anglican schools.

The program looks to work with specific schools for a set period of time and as the name suggests, inspire students to share their faith with their peers.

To start with we look at building the young people’s leadership skills through a number of interactive games and group activities. From here we build up their biblical knowledge by drawing all the learning back to biblical examples.

Mark has been piloting the program with a group of students from John Septimus Roe (JSR) Anglican Community School and from all accounts it has been a fun experience for both them and him.

Faith Formation Pathways

We are dedicated to ensuring life-long faith formation is a part of our children and youth ministry and in order to do so we plan to focus on the development of targeted resources, events, experiences, education and training with the aim of guiding young people in their transitions between faith formation pathways.



We currently have an online resource library available through Libib, which allows you to borrow hard copy books at no cost. There are various books to borrow for everyone including children, teenagers, young adults, parents, couples, youth leaders, Sunday school teachers, and many more! A Libib App is available for both Apple and Android users so you can borrow books on the go. Fill out our Libib sign up form online to create an account and start borrowing books. 

In response to a common request for liturgical and educational resources ACYM has been compiling Seasonal Resource Packs. We began with resources for Lent, and our final Pack for this year covers Advent, Christmas and Epiphany. 

These Packs are not intended to replace any resources already being used in individual parishes, but rather provide additional ideas and materials. We hope that these resources have been useful, and we continue to welcome feedback as we plan for next year. We have also loved receiving your emails with stories of programs and activities that have worked well in your community.

Please keep these coming! It’s great to hear about what’s happening in different parishes, and it helps us to make further recommendations when we get enquiries.


ACYM kicked off this year by hosting the Leaders Breakfast, our first event as a new team in February of 2018. A morning for all clergy, chaplains, volunteers and teachers within the Diocese to come together and connect with one another. The Leaders Breakfast 2019 will be held on Saturday 2 February, keep an eye out for more information.

In April this year we held our first family worship service 'New Life! New Hope!', which was hosted by St John's Anglican Church Fremantle. Our second family worship service 'Celebrating God's Creation' was held in partnership with the Anglican EcoCare Commission, at Wollaston Theological College in September.

In July, ACYM relaunched Youth Synod, where two Youth Synod Representatives were asked to attend from each of the parishes and Anglican Schools in our Diocese. Keep a lookout for nomination information for next year’s Youth Synod, or if you would like to know more about it please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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